You’re Not You When You’re Not Free

We don’t live isolated from others, do we? Not even when we try to steal or hide away for a moment or longer.
Often our maturity is exhibited in our relationships and interactions – from the intimate to the having no familiarity.

Are your interactions few because it is kind of known you are bothered?
Are you giving and patient to everyone else leaving little for those in your own home? Or perhaps it is the other way around?
What do you threaten when someone catches you impatient?
Oh how circumstantial is our treatment of others. Sometimes it is a hassle to be the one that has to put up, put out, give in and then there is a disappointment to not be the one called upon. How fickle we can be.

Is it not reasonable to expect temperaments to match my own? Shouldn’t I defend my feelings? I cannot help but to respond according to my conditions and situations.

The Snickers© commercials come to mind. When a person’s hunger causes him/her to act out in a way that is offensive and uncooperative and ‘the friend’ hands over and demands ‘the jerk’ to eat the Snickers©. And the candy bar restores everything to as it should be. What a friend. I am definitely not advocating having candy as a meal or in between to keep peace. HA. Jesus fasted from food AND water for forty days before there was even an attempt to cause Him to act out of character. But it is the Holy Spirit that is THAT friend AND the thing to guide and support us in our interactions and activities. How often are we too quick with our retorts? How often do we get the convictions after we threaten, cut, hurt, ignore or whatever we do to save face or protect our feelings?

Do we realize we are treating God with this impetuosity and instability? It isn’t that you are hungry or tired or inconvenienced. It is a maturity thing….a freedom thing.


What is a jerk?
1. Being a jerk means being selfish
2. Being a jerk means exhibiting any selfish thoughts or behavior that are ultimately harmful to someone
3. A Jerk is anyone who selfishly uses or abuses human beings or any one of God’s creation in any way, shape or form

We are all jerks.

What is the root cause of jerkiness?
• The root cause is a sense of selfish entitlement that is inborn and learned (babies come into the world as jerks)
• “I deserve to act, be or have what I want when and where I want it”
• Instead of talking about ‘my responsibilities’ we say “my rights”

Are you a jerk?
Jerkiness is old fashion narcissism.
1st degree jerks – mild to moderate selfishness; no harm intended
2nd degree jerks – serious to acute selfishness purposely; manipulate with guild
Nth degree jerks – severe to sociopathic selfishness; enjoys using and abusing others with no guilt
Sociopathic – the tendency to selfishly use and abuse others; knowingly or unknowingly

How to escape the Jerk Trap:
1. You must be born again
2. Study, believe, become and apply the Word of God
3. Become more like Jesus Christ
4. Seek first the Kingdom of God
5. Live one day at a time

New Life
Colossians 2
• :6 So live in Christ Jesus the Lord in the same way as you received him.
o Just as you accepted Christ Jesus as your Lord…(you were not forced, it was voluntary)
• :7,8 Be rooted and built up in him, be established in faith, and overflow with thanksgiving just as you were taught. See to it that nobody enslaves you with philosophy and foolish deception, which conform to human traditions and the way the world thinks and acts rather than Christ.
1. Continue to live in obedience
2. Grow (if the roots aren’t right, the fruit won’t be right)
3. Be nourished (ingest regularly God’s Word)
4. Increase in faith (don’t run from the same stuff as before)
5. Be thankful
6. Not be misled

Living a New Life
Colossians 3
• :1 Therefore, if you were raised with Christ, look for the things that are above where Christ is sitting at God’s right side.
o …since you have been raised to new life with Christ…..
1. Set your signs on heavenly standards
2. Let heaven fill your thoughts
3. Don’t be common
4. Put to death sin
5. Reject sinful involvements
6. Don’t be greedy
7. Get rid of sick beliefs
8. Don’t lie
9. Be renewed
10. Know that Christ is all that matters

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